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Who am I?

Dimitri LAMOUR, Photographer

Dimitri LAMOUR - PhotographerPassionate of image and cinema since forever, I’ve started filmmaking in 2010. I began by making travel films in Japan and Europe, during 3 years I will improve in shooting and pro editing.

I return to Japan in 2013 to shoot a documentary about Tokyo, in parallel I start my own business as freelance into filmmaking, dedicated to corporate, I produce short films with high impact business. For a better cinematic approach, I use full-frame sensors and very fast lenses to play with very short depths of field.

Tokyo - Japan - 2015

Tokyo Tower : Diamond veil

Always more attracted by the Japanese culture, I leave for a third stay in Tokyo and this time, I put my luggage for a full year. There, I would be alternately private detective, voice actor for the Japanese television channel TV ASAHI and finally independent photographer. Realizing several hundred photos in Tokyo and Yokohama, I create an important image bank and I work with PIXTA and Shutterstock.

On my return to France, in 2015, I moved to Rennes as a professional photographer. I am also a photography specialist for the Canon brand and the Boulanger brand.

Today, I still work with corporate. I mainly offer photographs and corporate films for companies that want to differentiate themselves with beautiful visuals and showcase their know-how to their customers.

Dimitri LAMOUR